The Top Five Aluminium Door Accessories For Your Business

When it comes to providing an efficient door solution for business, it is aluminium doors which are taking the lead regarding pleased organisations. Aluminium is favoured by many as a dooring solution because it is durable and robust, but it is also very lightweight and immune to rusting or being melted away by the natural acid content in the rain. There’s a lot of benefits to be gained from using aluminium as a door, but there’s also a lot of fantastic accessories available which can complement these doors and make them even more versatile. We’re going to be taking a look at the top five here.

Fingerprint locking – AKA Biometrics

First up on our list is the fingerprint locking systems that you can get for aluminium doors. We all know that modern technology is progressing further and further every day. This sadly means it is becoming easier for people to get into a building or facility, regardless of whether they’re allowed to be there or not. However, the good thing is that security is also progressing. Fingerprint locking is a very secure way to ensure that no one gets into the building when they shouldn’t. It is much harder to try and replicate a machine and fool a fingerprint detector than it is to pick a lock. The fingerprint system works by reading the print of a thumb or finger and then matching it up with one of the recognised prints which will open the door. If the print is correct, then it will unlock the door and allow you inside. If not, then the door will not budge. This is a great accessory for your aluminium door and will add another level of security to your building.

Fire door bars

When there is a fire inside your office building, you’re obviously going to want to get out as quickly and as efficiently as possible, to ensure that no one is injured trying to escape the building, and that most importantly everyone does get out in time. Therefore, having a fire door bar on your aluminium door is critical for guaranteeing the safe exit everyone needs. These kinds of doors often require a little more strength to push open, which means that you can’t accidentally open one, and some often trigger another fire alarm when opened, meaning that if you discover a fire on your own, you can alert people to it and then proceed to get out yourself at the same time. Safety during a fire is something that everyone should take seriously, and that’s why a fire door bar is a good idea.

Pull door handles

For ease of simplicity, your aluminium door would benefit from a pull and push door handle. With some door handles, you need to pull a handle and push it down, then push inwards or outwards to open the door. However, if someone isn’t every strong or the door is jammed, this can be a problem as it effectively traps people inside or outside of the building. However, you can get a push and pull handle which work in tandem with a motor on the door. This means that when you pull lightly on the handle, the motor opens the door for you, removing the need for you to do any of the work. It’s a great way for a simplistic and efficient way to open the door in the first place, and ensures that no one will have any issues entering or leaving the building.

Sliding door function

Your aluminium door is something which is already lightweight and easy to move and bend, so it would work well with a sliding door service. Sometimes known as a ‘revolving door’, the system is designed so that when you push on a door, it moves, effectively going around in a circle so you can reach the other side, and another door has moved to take the place of the one you pushed, which will then be put back to its original position once you leave. This is a convenient way for people to come in and out of buildings, and also provides a sense of sophistication and style too, as sliding or revolving doors are often seen in prestigious and influential company buildings.


Another great accessory for your door system is a keypad. Keypads work by a code which is inputted into the keypad, and only a certain code will unlock the door. Concerning security, this is quite good because you can’t trick a keypad into giving you the right combination of letters or numbers to unlock the door. If you don’t know the code, you can’t get into the door at all, and the only way to know would be to stand right behind someone and watch as they put the code in, which would be highly suspicious. When you factor in the idea that you can change the code every month, you have a security system which is harder to compromise than something like a keycard or a key.

Overall, these are the top five aluminium door accessories that your business could have. A lot of accessories do focus on security and safety, which is no bad thing. Your door is an easy way to get into the building, and people who are likely to try and break in will realise this, so having a good security system in place is critical. Not only that, but you want it to be easy for potential customers to come into the building if they want to, and also leave the building if there is an emergency or if there is a danger of a fire. It will help to reassure both the workers and visitors to the building if it is a secure and safe place, and having the correct accessories for your doors can help to accomplish this, as the door is a critical part of the design of the building.