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Different Types of Steel Louvre Doors

Steel Louvre Doors are  very important in securing your premises and allowing air flow in the lower parts of building. Often overlooked, louvre doors can be an easy target for criminals looking to gain access to a business because many times louvre doors have been neglected over the years and not upgraded which makes them easily accessible for criminals and a channel for many burglaries.

Security should be at the forefront of any business and this is achieved by increasing the louvre blades and the fabrication and the angle of the blades provide much more strength meaning there would be less chance of a break in to your premises. You want your louvre doors to be heavy and provide that security you need. Many schools and offices require louvre doors because they have to house large boilers or machinery that needs to be air cooled, which is great, but the doors still need to provide a high level of security to the business.

There are many types of Steel Louvre doors and we install and fabricate them all from our Manchester office, here are a few to help you understand the styles and ranges available.

Louvre Panels

These doors would suit a bin store or a room that didn’t really require too much protection, they are fine for letting the air flow and are the cheapest alternative. These doors serve their purpose, but if you need to keep your business secure then we recommend you go with either the mid rail steel louvre doors or the specialise louvre doors.

Mid Rail Steel Louvre Doors

Most plant rooms require high airflow and security, the fully louvered doors provide these properties. Mid rail just means that there is a steel plate in the middle of the door that provides an extra layer of security, however there are options to have the mid rail removed and have the door fully louvred.

The locking is available in all options, generally a deadlock with stainless steel pull handles is used, if access control is required the doors can be fitted with electric strike latches or maglocks. The threshold will usually be a ramped this allows easy access if plant needs removing or renewing.

Louvre Panel Doors

The panel doors are a cheaper alternative to the main steel louvre doors, but provide a good layer of security as well as airflow for boiler rooms and smaller buildings. The door can be customised with wire mesh or louvre designs, each works well for eachother. We do not recommend this kind of door though if security is a heavy requirement, we would recommend the steel louvre doors.

Specialist Louvre Doors

Basically these are customised louvre panel doors that can be built to suit your needs in the materials you require. We have specialist on site sprayers that can colour your doors to the colour you want which is great for modern appartments and offices as you can build the doors in as part of the design.


If you are a business looking for professional steel louvre door installers for commercial, industrial and educational sectors then please contact us today and speak to a member of our team.