The Importance of Aluminium In High Traffic Buildings

Here at Commercial Door Supplies we always get asked questions about the best types of fittings for areas of high traffic especially for schools and hospitals and other public sector buildings. In this article we talk about the importance of using aluminium doors and windows in high traffic buildings.

When building structures for commercial use, for example, places like hospitals and shops, and for public use, such as the premises for a local council, it is important to choose materials that will be a sound financial investment, maintain a high level of quality and will last for a long time. To that effect, many corporations will choose to use aluminium in their buildings, using it to create doors and other structures within the building. But why do people want aluminium? Here are 3 main core reasons as to why we use aluminium in our windows and doors for commercial usage.

The Attributes of Aluminium

First of all, it’s important to look at the attributes of aluminium that make it an appealing choice for a construction material. Despite being a relatively soft material, aluminium is surprisingly durable and hardwearing, being able to withstand large amounts of punishment and still stand strong. It is also quite a malleable metal, which makes it versatile and useful in many different situations. A particularly helpful aspect of aluminium in regards to the medical and scientific sectors is that it will reflect nearly all of any medium or far infrared radiation. As well as this, the chemical composition of aluminium allows it to resist corrosion well. This is because there’s a surface layer of aluminium oxide which forms when the metal is directly exposed to air, and this layer prevents oxidation from taking place.

Hardwearing and Durable

These attributes make aluminium a good choice for doors and other structures. The firm nature of the metal ensures that you can build securely with it, and it’s also inexpensive to produce, meaning that many large scale companies will use it for its flexible nature. To that end, it has been used on many occasions by organisations like the NHS due to its inexpensive nature and the strength it holds, meaning it’s less likely to require constant maintenance, which is extremely beneficial in a fast paced and hectic environment, which doctors and hospitals usually are. As well as this, aluminium is a recyclable metal, which gives it an advantage over other metals, because it can be reused and reworked to suit a different purpose, which can be helpful in saving money over a long term.

Solid and Reliable

The metal is employed in a variety of different places, not just in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. Shop fronts will also use aluminium, as it is hard wearing and immune to corrosion, which would be particularly important in coastal areas, where any storms that pass over the country will affect there first and sometimes hardest. Overall, the choice to use aluminium in these structures is backed by the high levels of versatility and strength that the metal has. It’s inexpensive nature, and durable composition means that aluminium is employed by many different organisations on large scales as an affordable and intelligent way of creating sturdy doors and structures. As well as this, it’s overall durability and protection against natural forms of corrosion, such as small quantities of acid in the rain, make it a durable material that doesn’t require a high or consistent level of repair.

So, as you can see these are great reasons to use aluminium and here at Commercial Door Supplies we are the nation’s leading fabricators of aluminium doors and windows for the commercial sector. We understand aluminium systems and can help you understand the best solution for your needs. Why not speak to Matthew today on 0161 343 1263 for a free no obligation quote for your next job.