Concealed and Face Fixed Closers

Commercial Door Supplies provide fabricated commercial doors with a range of concealed overhead door closers that come from some of the most trusted names in commercial door hardware.

They are available in several formats depending upon the specification and installation of your commercial aluminium doors.

Transom Closers.

These are available in two formats, standard strength and adjustable strength.

For your commercial doors we provide a standard transom closer that is ordered or fitted to doors according to the strength required. It provides quality and controlled opening and closing of commercial aluminium doors.


  • Our standard door closer for commercial aluminium doors.
  • Available in three tension strengths to suit various door sizes.
  • Available as hold open or non hold open
  • All fixing provided including bottom pivots.

Adjustable Transom Closer.

To help ensure doors are comfortable in use and closes correctly, you can specify  your commercial doors with a choice of  Variable Spring Transom Closers. These offer adjustment of opening and closing forces.


  • A door closer intended for aluminium commercial doors.
  • Offers spring strength adjustment in accordance with EN1154 from levels EN1 to EN4.
  • Uses standard arms and channels meaning ordering is simple.
  • Closing speeds and final latching speeds can be adjusted on site.
  • Available as a hold open or non hold open closer.
  • Please note this closer only offers adjustment of strength and in not intended as a door closer to help meet Building Regulations BS8300.

Surface Mounted Closers.

For any external or internal door, these can be fitted with a choice of face fixed and surface mounted closers. These are rack and pinion type closers with adjustable power if required with suitable accessories.

They are suitable either as closers for your new doors or as replacement door closers for existing doors or as part of a maintenance programme.

Contact us for information and advice on the correct door closer for your fabricated commercial aluminium doors or for the ordering of supply only closers.